Theatre owners are not happy with Disney

Feeling the need for theatre exclusivity again

Disney’s new dual release strategy has ruffled some feathers and theatre owners are blaming it for their box office troubles.

We all knew the return to theatres would be slow and while Black Widow did manage to pull off the biggest box office release of the pandemic, it was still only a measly $80 million, which is on the low end for any movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Couple this slow start with an extremely sharp decline for its second weekend (a 67% drop) and theatre owners were quick to assign blame.

While they certainly didn’t expect everyone to return in droves, theatre owners think that giving people the option to watch the newest Marvel movie at home is partly to blame for the low turnout and sharp decline.

Who knows when (or if) theatres will get back to normal, but if people have the option, it still seems they would rather play it safe and watch movies at home.

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