This website lets you find a local charity to donate your stuff

No matter what it is!

If you have a box of things you are looking to donate but aren’t quite sure what non-profit will accept it, Help Map can help find the right local organization.

Whether you want to donate electronics, food, textiles, books, or just about anything else, all you have to do is go to your location on the map and click the item you wish to donate. Help Map will then show a list of non-profits that will accept that type of item. They also have sections for kid’s items, animal items, and even where to volunteer if it’s time you wish to donate.

If you notice a non-profit is missing from a selected list, it’s super easy to add them by simply clicking on the red + button. You can add their name, address, and what type of donations are accepted, along with how to contact them and when they are open.

Head over to Help Map right now and check out this awesome tool that might just mean more items are donated rather than finding their way to the garbage dump.

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