Tim Hortons ditches Roll Up The Rim cups over coronavirus concerns

Roll Up The Rim will continue using restaurant giveaways and a digital contest

Concerns about COVID-19 has forced Tim Hortons to shift most of its annual Roll Up The Rim contest to its app.

The chain is ditching the cups used in the contest.

While Tim Hortons did not mention coronavirus in its statement, the restaurant chain said “the current public health environment” means “it’s not the right time for team members to collect rolled up tabs that have been in people’s mouths.”

All $30 million worth of prizes will be redistributed to restaurant giveaways and a digital contest.

On Friday, McDonalds Canada and Tim Hortons stopped accepting reusable mugs brought in by customers amid concerns about the coronavirus.

Similar decisions had already been made by The Second Cup Ltd. and Starbucks earlier in the week.

Banner picture courtesy YouTube