Tips For A Safe Halloween

Remember To Be Extra Cautious Tonight

Just because your kids might be dressed as Spiderman and Wonder Woman for Halloween, doesn’t mean they’re invincible. There’s lots to consider as they head out tonight in search of truth, justice and candy bars.

Once it gets dark, equip the kids with a flashlight or glow sticks. Stay on the sidewalks, walk, don’t run, and only cross the street at crosswalks and intersections.

Remind the kids not to indulge in the goodies until guardians have a look to make sure they’re safe. It’s a good idea to have dinner before venturing out to limit the temptation to dive into the treats.

Check the candy before enjoying the treats.

If you’re handing out candy, make sure your home is trick or treater friendly. Remove any obstacles from the front porch that could create a tripping hazard, and have plenty of lighting. Use lights instead of candles to light the pumpkins.

When it comes to costumes, bright, flame resistant and reflective is best. Add reflective tape to add visibility.

Makeup is safer than a mask, but if it must be a mask, make sure the kids can see properly and their vision isn’t obstructed.

Go trick or treating with your children when they are young. Once they’re old enough make sure they go with a group and know the routes they’ll be taking.

If possible, avoid driving on Halloween, but if you have to be on the roads, be aware of children, drive slowly and use extreme caution. 

Finally, remind kids that the Reese’s are for the parents!