Toronto Zoo Welcomes Adorable Newborn Zebra and You Can Help Name Him

Baby Stripes Needs A Name

The Toronto Zoo was ecstatic to announce that their eight-year-old Grevy’s zebra, Tori, gave birth to a male foal on February 13th. Both Mama and baby are doing well and resting up in the indoor zebra habitat.

Viewing of the new zebra won’t be open to the public until sometime in the spring, so until then… you’ll have to let the adorable sneak peaks tie you over.

As of now the newborn is in need of a name and the Toronto Zoo is asking for a public vote to help determine their choice. The options for potential name are:

A) “JJ” (Jake Jr. after dad Jake)
B) “TJ” (Representing both Mom Tori and Dad Jake)
C) “Chewy” (Sticks with the Star Wars theme of previous zebras born at the Zoo)
D) “Obi” (Another Star Wars inspired option)

Visit The Toronto Zoo on Facebook to cast your vote. Voting closes Sunday, March 10 2019 at 11:59 pm.

There are currently only 2 800 Grevy zebras left in the world.
Image courtesy of The Toronto Zoo via Facebook.

With only 2 800 Grevy zebras left in the wild, this birth is incredibly important for the conservation of their species. The population of Grevy zebras has been rapidly declining as a result of over-hunting since the 1970’s. In just 30 years the global population has declined by approximately 70%. The species is currently listed as Endangered on the ICUN’s Red List.

Zookeepers are hoping this momentous occasion will shed a little light on this beautiful species and encourage the public to come see the animals in person.