Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury announces COVID-19 Temporary Patio Program

Some parking lots and sidewalks can be converted

The Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury is allowing local businesses to expand outside of their normal footprint.

Town council has approved the “BWG COVID-19 Temporary Patio Program”, which provides restaurant owners with an opportunity to expand existing outdoor patios or establish temporary outdoor patios. These expansions may take place within parking lots on private property, or onto sidewalks in the downtown core, with pedestrian traffic rerouted onto safely barricaded walkways created on the inside lane of the road.

Council has also passed measures to reduce truck traffic and lower the speed limit to 40 km/h in those areas.

“Council moved quickly and decisively to expedite a process to create outdoor patios for restaurants and other eateries in Bradford West Gwillimbury, once the province deemed it safe to do so,” said Mayor Rob Keffer. “The effects of COVID-19 have taken a decidedly tough toll on our merchants, and I am pleased to announce the BWG COVID-19 Temporary Patio Program as the most recent measure we have undertaken to help get business owners back on their feet.”

Business owners looking to add a patio on private property need to fill out an online form to begin the process.

For more information, or for other types of businesses that may be interested in operating outdoors, contact the Office of Economic Development at 905-775-5366 ext. 1310 or