Town of Midland Works Out Deal With Two Unions, Arbiter Required For Third

The Town of Midland has struck a deal with two unions representing a majority of the town’s employees, but needed help seeing eye to eye with a firefighters’ union.

A five-year deal has been reached with both the Ontario Public Service Employees Union and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Both agreement provide for enhanced benefits plans, along with a 2.5% wage increase in 2019. Further increases of 1% next year, and 1.75% increases until 2023.

Meanwhile, negotiations between the Town and the Midland Professional Firefighters Association ended with arbitration in April. An Arbitrator has since handed down a five year deal that would see union members get a retroactive pay increase of 2.75% from 2017 to this year, with an increase of 1.5% next year, and a 1.25% increase the year after.