Pickup truck stolen in Barrie contained ashes of deceased family member

Police say the ashes were in small cardboard box in the floor storage area behind the driver's seat

More than just a pickup was stolen from the driveway of a Barrie home overnight.

Police say the victim reported that in the floor storage area behind the driver’s seat, there was a small cardboard box that was lined with a plastic bag that contained the ashes of a family member who recently passed away.

Image supplied – Barrie Police

The owner of the white 2022 Dodge RAM Sport pickup told police he parked the vehicle in his driveway on Puget Street around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday and that when he left his home Wednesday around 6:30 a.m., it was gone. The truck has a small dent in the rear of the passenger side bumper and the Ontario licence plate is BR55655.

Police are requesting the assistance of the public in locating this truck and if anyone should happen to locate a small cardboard box that has been abandoned or appears to have been discarded, you are encouraged to call police immediately at 705-725-7025 or 911, if the truck is being operated on the road or highway.

Banner image supplied – Barrie Police