TTC investigating subway train surfer incident

The man bails when he is spotted by the conductor

A YouTube video posted on Sunday shows a man who hung on to the back of a moving subway train in Toronto.

The video is three minutes and was filmed along the TTC’s Line 2 route early this month.

In the video, the man climbs onto the back of the train as it departs from Bathurst Station, and he even waves at a passenger on the platform.

The man shifts a selfie stick he is carrying as the train accelerates to full speed while holding onto a step ladder that extends from the back of the train.

The guy bails when the train arrives at Spadina Station.

He posts a caption beneath the video that reads, “The conductor was less than thrilled when he saw me jump off at the next station.”

The man can be seen standing on the platform where he gives the thumbs up to the conductor and can be heard thanking the employee for the ride.

The TTC has turned the investigation over to its Transit Special Constables