Two Hours’ Free Parking Up For Grabs During Downtown Barrie Reno

You Need A Parking Stub Regardless

The City of Barrie is trying to ease the parking issues bound to crop up during a downtown renovation, with limited free parking on the 4th floor of the Collier St. Parkade. 

Thirty-six spots will be up for grabs, for free for two hours only, during the first phase of the Dunlop Street East Corridor Improvement project. You still have to get a ticket stub for that time however, and not having one could mean a parking ticket.  

The plan calls for motorists to grab a stub from a parking machine on the fourth floor, so by-law officers can double check you haven’t used up those two hours. Vehicles without that stub could receive a parking ticket. 

The parkade has an average usage of about 40%, meaning it wouldn’t be hard to find a spot, even with the free parking on the fourth floor. Of the 300 spots, 140 permits are usually sold. 

The City says folks would start noticing equipment staging along Dunlop St. later this week, for the first stage of the project, beginning east of Mulcaster.