Two officers assaulted during Wasaga Beach traffic stop, Scarborough man facing charges

Police seize cash and suspected cocaine after arrest

A young Scarborough man is up on a list of charges after police in Wasaga Beach had trouble during a traffic stop early Saturday morning.

Just before 2:00, police pulled a vehicle over on Mosley Street, but say the driver refused to identify himself. Instead, the officer was assaulted, and the driver tried to flee on foot. Another officer stepped in, but was allegedly assaulted for their trouble. Both were able to take the suspect into custody.

The OPP claim there was a large quantity of cash in the car. An attempt was made to stash a small baggie of suspected cocaine in the back seat of the police cruiser after the suspect’s arrest, but police seized that too.

A 21-year-old is facing charges including obstructing and assaulting an officer, possession of stolen property, drug possession, and driving under suspension.