Typing games to keep your mind busy and your fingers nimble

Climb, race, and shoot zombies...by typing!

Gaming can be a fantastic way to pass the time (and we all need some of that lately) but many are inaccessible due to complex controls or not having access to a high-end PC or console to play them. Here are a few games that will run on low-end PC’s and as long as you can type, you can play!


First up is a free game you can play right from your browser. ZType is a very simple, arcade-like game that has you trying to blow up alien spaceships before they hit you. Small words are represented by small ships and large words are represented by, you guessed it, large ships!

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a real-time online typing competition that has players race each other by typing as fast as they can. Five players from around the world are matched up (or you can play with friends) and when the green light turns on you have to type out the sentence that appears. Whoever does it first, wins. You can also track your high scores, earn new cars, and it’s all free!

Keyboard Jump

If you’re still learning to type, Keyboard Jump is a great way to increase your accuracy while not worrying so much about your speed. The game itself is very simple: you just type the words on each platform to make the character climb higher and higher. However, there are many ways to customize the game to fit your experience level like the number of mistakes you can make and difficulty of words (you can even choose to have words using only certain rows of the keyboard).

The Typing of the Dead

Do you remember going to the movies or an arcade and picking up that light-gun and blasting some zombies? Well replace the light-gun with typing and you get The Typing of the Dead. It’s a full on-rails zombie shooting gallery experience with multiple levels, bosses, and difficulty levels (all set in a cheesy B-movie theme). This one isn’t free but if you keep an eye on places like Steam, it usually drops to under $5 when it goes on sale.

Featured image courtesy of Donatello Trisolino via Pexels.com