Flooding Washes Out Parts of Wasaga Beach

Beach Area One needed extensive repairs after flooding

The Town of Wasaga Beach is dealing in the aftermath of serious flooding along its popular beachfront. The strong winds brought in some serious flooding along Beach Area One Friday. The town closed off access to Beach Drive that night after what they called “a wave up rush,” caused by the high onshore winds. We are still awaiting an update from town officials on the extent of the damage.

Watch: Video of flooding in Wasaga Beach

Gerald Reu, Operations Manager for the Town of Wasaga Beach, says the flooding kept town staff busy all morning. “We mobilized a rather large crew this morning, and they’re picking up the sand off the asphalt portion and we’re putting it on dump trucks, dumping it back on the beach, grading it and creating, or rather, recreating the beach that was washed out over the weekend.” He adds this is not uncommon to Wasaga Beach. “To my knowledge, 1985, 1996, the water levels were like this. Maybe even a little higher. It’s not the first time this is happened, it is cyclical.”

The Town of Collingwood is also dealing in the aftermath of the wild weather. The town sent out a notice Monday about high water levels in Nottawasaga Bay that impacted their trail system.

  • West end of Sunset Point is continually closed while the high water remains.
  • Blue Shores has been affected by high water (the Town is monitoring this trail weekly).
  • Hen and Chickens closed until further notice due to high water that took out the bridge to the boardwalk.
  • Other trails will be periodically affected when the wind direction pushes water across the path, or when a heavy downpour occurs.