UPDATE: Controlled Burn, Needed To Promote Forest Growth, Delayed

Thursday Burn Postponed Due To Weather

Sept 20th

There’s a short window left to complete a controlled burn north of Barrie.

With rain in Thursday’s forecast, the second day of the burn in Midhurst had to be postponed. County Forester Graeme Davis tells us conditions will be constantly assessed, with a window of opportunity to finish the job closing by October 12th. He says if conditions aren’t right to ignite the controlled fire again before that time, they will do so in the early Spring before any planting is done.

Sept 19th

There will be smoke, there will be fire, but it’s all under control. The County of Simcoe is telling us today it is going to execute a controlled burn of 30 hectares of County forest near the County Museum in Midhurst Wednesday and Thursday.

This is part of a three year process to promote more native plant life to grow in the tract of land. County Forester Graeme Davis says some worry about forest fires, but they’re a key part of renewal.

County Forester Graeme Davis at site of controlled burn in Springwater

County Forester Graeme Davis at site of controlled burn in Springwater

The burn “… creates the kind of forest habitat that we’re trying to establish on this site. This is part of a three-year process.”

Davis tells us the site used to be an old aggregate facility, and many of the plant species growing there are non-native. The burn should help take care of that.

“”this burn will prepare the site for planting, release nutrients into the soil, and help us knock back some of the non-native vegetation that is on the site as well.”

Simcoe County Controlled Burn

Simcoe County Controlled Burn

The burn is expected to begin around 10:30 Wednesday morning, weather permitting. Anne Street will be closed from Snow Valley Road to Highway 26 over concerns heavy smoke could present a driving hazard.

Video: Digital News Producer Jon Meyer