Ontario businesses have access to vaccine verification app

Enhanced vaccine certificate for the public expected Oct. 22

An app for Ontario businesses to verify the vaccination status of customers has rolled out ahead of schedule.

The Verify Ontario app was available on the Apple and Google app store as of Thursday.

When a proof-of-vaccination is scanned in the app, there will be either be a green check for a valid vaccine, a red X for an invalid certificate, or a yellow alert that the QR cannot be read.

According to the app description, it also scans most government-issued QR codes from Quebec and B.C., and country-wide capabilities are being developed.

For those concerned about privacy, it also indicates there is no request for the user’s specific locations, nor does it collect information linking businesses, visitors, or locations together.

The Ford government has said there will be an enhanced vaccine certificate for the public to use by Oct. 22, even though Ontario residents will have the option of using paper receipts as proof of their vaccination status.