Wasaga Beach mayor “appalled” by behaviour of visitors who left garbage behind, ignored COVID regulations

Nina Bifolchi says residents are angry and rightly so

Residents of Wasaga Beach probably feel like somebody kicked sand in their faces.

Many were left hot under the collar at the weekend, and it had nothing to do with the weather.

Numerous complaints about parties and trash left on the shoreline at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.

In a statement, the town said there was violations of COVID-19 public health regulations, blatant littering, and several incidents of illegal parking.

Facebook – Louise Marie -Wasaga Beach

“Frankly, I was appalled by what I witnessed and heard over the weekend,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said. “Residents are angry and rightly so. Our town was not alone as several other waterfront communities across Ontario experienced similar alarming activity. Behaviour that leaves certain parts of our community looking like a landfill, behaviour that is disruptive to our residents, and behaviour that puts public health at risk is simply not acceptable. Our community is known as a beloved summer playground, and we like to welcome visitors, but people must do better – show some respect and follow the rules.”

The town said it meets regularly with Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario Parks to discuss areas of comment interest and will continue discussions to ensure public health and safety needs are met and rules are enforced.

“If our provincial partners require additional resources this summer to protect our community and ensure public safety then that is something we are happy to advocate for,” Mayor Bifolchi said. “The provincial park, which includes the beachfront, is the jurisdiction of the province. The Government of Ontario – park wardens and OPP – have a duty to ensure the park’s safe operation.”

The town is urging the public to observe all health regulations.

If you witness illegal gatherings or other public health violations in town, the public is asked to contact the OPP or the Municipal Law Enforcement Department depending on the nature of the complaint.

The town reminds the public that the Wasaga Beach Municipal Law Enforcement Department does not have jurisdiction on provincial park property.

If you have a concern about parking on municipal roads or some other activity that potentially violates a Town of Wasaga Beach bylaw, please contact the Municipal Law Enforcement Department.

Banner image: Facebook – Donnie Bond