Wasaga beach suspends social media comments on its platforms

"This is about a small handful of people who spread lies, twist facts, harass and play the victim."

The Town of Wasaga Beach is temporarily banning comments on its social media platforms.

In a video posted to the town’s Facebook page, Mayor Nina Bifolchi explained that moderating comments has become too time-consuming. “A small group of staff prepare content for the town’s webpage and social media pages and monitor comments to ensure they adhere to the rules for posting,” she said. “Unfortunately, a small handful of people in our community are using the town’s social media platform to spread their hate lies and bullying behaviour.”

“When their lies and hate are not permitted. They claim censorship. Toxic people love playing the victim. Their twisting of the facts to suit their needs and narcissistic ways is keeping staff busy monitoring the town’s social media platform, taking away from other productive activities,” added Bifolchi.

While the town says the move is temporary, it will continue to share information online as it has been.

“This is not about a difference of opinion or opposing views to the town. This is not about the town trying to control the narrative. This is about a small handful of people who spread lies, twist facts, harass and play the victim when they are called out for it. To the small group, you will not be given a town platform to speak your hate and lies,” she said.

“To those who have been respectful of the town’s social media rules and shared your views in a respectful manner, even when it was an opposing view. Thank you. We are always open to hearing differing opinions. We just won’t tolerate inappropriate behaviour that disrespects members of council, town employees and our community,” concluded Mayor Bifolchi.

Bifolchi urges everyone to share ideas with staff and council by phone or email and reminds everyone that council meetings are available live and on YouTube.