Weekend Box Office Results (July 5th – 7th)

A new champion swings in

1. Spider-Man: Far From Home

If anyone was going to topple the champ from the last 3 weeks, it was going to your friendly “not so close to the neighborhood” Spider-Man. Bringing in $93.6 million in the domestic box office and over $185 million worldwide, Spider-Man: Far From Home has earned back well over its budget already (not that they were worried it wouldn’t).

2. Toy Story 4

Though it got bumped from the top spot, Toy Story 4 still had a solid weekend adding another $34.3 million in domestic gross to it’s $649 million worldwide total. With the movie only in its third week, we should still be seeing it the top 5 for a few more weeks.

3. Yesterday

Holding on to the number three spot for the second week in a row, Yesterday brought it another $10.7 million in domestic earnings. With its smaller $26 million budget, the $57 million it has earned worldwide is more than enough to call this one a success.

4. Annabelle Comes Home

Falling two spots down to number four, Annabelle Comes Home raked in another $9.7 million in domestic gross on top of its $134 million worldwide earnings. Though it may drop off the top 5 next week, Annabelle has already eclipsed its budget so don’t be surprised to hear about a fourth film. My vote is for “Annabelle The Russian Doll: Full Of Herself”.

5. Aladdin

Aladdin has enjoyed a position on the top 5 list for 7 weeks now! Over the weekend it added another $7.6 million in domestic gross to its $921 million worldwide earnings. However, with many theatres starting to drop it from the listings, this may be the last week we see it in the top 5.