Weekend Box Office Results (June 28th-1st)

Pixar holding on to number 1

1. Toy Story 4

Surprising no one, Toy Story 4 holds firm at number 1 raking in another $59 million domestically and bumping its worldwide revenue to over $501 million. You wouldn’t be far off in assuming it will hold onto the number 1 spot for next week or so.

2. Annabelle Comes Home

Another unsurprising spot of the list, Annabelle Comes Home had a $20 million domestic opening weekend with its worldwide gross hitting over $78 million. Low budget horror has always been a safe bet for studios and with its $27 million budget, Annabelle Comes Home re-enforces that idea.

3. Yesterday

Movies about famous musicians are becoming a mainstay in cinema and “now it looks as if they’re here to stay” (see what I did there?). While Yesterday is a bit more of a weird premise than its more bio-pic brothers, that didn’t stop it from opening at number 3 and grossing just shy of $25 million worldwide, nearly earning back in $26 million budget in its opening weekend.

4. Aladdin

Though it fell one spot to number 4, Aladdin has spent 6 straight weeks on the top five list, adding another $10 million to its ever-growing mountain of revenue. It has earned $876 million worldwide since its release and with viewers still heading to the theatres to see it, it will likely stay in theatres for a few more weeks.

5. The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Finally, The Secret Life Of Pets 2 held onto the number 5 spot again this week pulling in just over $7 million over the weekend. With its $80 million budget, The Secret Life Of Pets 2 has had a very successful run with $223 million worldwide.