Weigh In on Muskoka Waste

Survey And Public Consults Helping Guide Waste Policy

Muskoka wants your take on trash.

The District of Muskoka is developing a waste management strategy with aims of reducing the amount of waste produced in the region, and is holding community consultations and conducting surveys so residents can help point them in the right direction.

The consults began this week, and run until mid September. Meanwhile, you have until October 11th to take the District’s “Waste Matters” survey.

“The District is always looking at ways to divert more material, including recyclables, from ending up in the landfill – while ensuring that the level and cost of waste management services are satisfactory and reasonable,” said Fred Jahn, Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works.   “Feedback and ideas from the community are critical to ensure that the strategy is successful and has the impact needed to protect Muskoka’s natural environment.”