Weird and Wonderful Tools For Your Home Bar

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Whether it’s soaking up rays by the pool, watching your favourite team (hopefully win), or eventually, having some people over for a get-together, it’s always better with your favourite drink in hand! If you want to make the most of your home bar (and maybe even impress your friends) here are a few weird and wonderful tools to pick up.

Bottle Loft

Not everyone likes a good mixed drink so you better make sure your fridge is stocked with beer! If you’re working with a mini-fridge we found an awesome tool that will let you stock even more cold ones: a Bottle Loft. You have that room on the ceiling of your fridge, start using it to store more beer!

Vodka Zinger

Hosts looking to spice up their next get-together with real, fresh ingredients will have to look no further than the Vodka Zinger. Pop in your favourite stuff like pineapples, strawberries, raspberries, and even hot peppers, and create your own amazing drinks with no artificial sugars or flavours!

Cocktail Smoker

If you really want to impress people the next time you hand them a drink, you really need this Cocktail Smoker. Pour someone’s favourite drink with a Smokey infusion and it is sure to raise the eyebrows of even the pickiest of spirit lovers.

Beer Layering Tool

If you’ve ever tried pouring your own black and tan by hand, you’ll know that a slight overpour can quickly ruin your drink and cause the beers to mix together. A beer layering tool will make it easy as pie to pour the perfect black and tan, black velvet, or whatever your favourite layered beer might be!

Martini Atomizer

Are you looking for a way to up your martini game? Besides using a premium Canadian vodka like Flyte Vodka, a martini atomizer will definitely take your game to the next level. One spray and it coats your glass in a perfectly measured, evenly distributed mist of vermouth that is ideal for any dry martini lover.

Retro Ice Crusher

Take a trip back in time with this simple little tool. Just load up some ice and get cranking and you’ll soon have enough crushed ice to sink a battleship. Why use the Retro Ice Crusher? Crushed ice has more surface area and that translates to colder drinks, faster!

Mini-Pallet Coaster Set

Avoid nasty cup rings on your bar or table with this unique Mini-Pallet Coaster Set. Durable and lightweight, these coasters can handle even the heaviest of drinks, so don’t be afraid to fill ‘er up! This is also an awesome option to get yourself a unique item for your bar while also supporting local.

Shot Dispenser

Whoever said bartending had to be that hard? Pouring 6 shots individually is a sucker’s game. Pouring 6 shots all at once is where it’s at! Whether your shot of choice is whiskey, liqueur, or vodka, spend less time bartending and more time enjoying with a Shot Dispenser.

Cool Beans Ice Tray

Do you like a little snake bite in your coffee or enjoy the perky flavours of a black Russian, espresso martini, or espresso summer? The Cool Beans Ice Tray will make sure even your ice cubes stay on theme! Bonus tip: try freezing coffee instead of water to ensure that when they melt they aren’t diluting your favourite drink!

The Whisker Dam

Let us paint you a scenario: You’re enjoying an afternoon at home when you hear a knock on the door. Who could that be? Well, if it isn’t Tom Selleck! It turns out his car broke down and he wants to burn some time until the tow truck arrives. You invite him in for a drink and after placing his whisky on the bar you also place The Whisker Dam on his glass. He nods in approval and just like that, you’re now best friends with Thomas Magnum.

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