More Bigfoot Sightings In Barrie? Cybersecurity, Millennial Dating, and More!

Here we are for another episode of What Barrie’s Talking About – a podcast that brings you the local stories that matter to you.

On this week’s episode we talk about Bigfoot, cybersecurity, finding a new doctor, dating for millennials, and more!

This Week On What Barrie’s Talking About

1. Bigfoot may still be running around the Barrie area

We may be about to hear about more bigfoot sightings in and around Barrie. Ryan Willis, whom we met last July, is with the Trent University Sasquatch Society.

At that time the society was looking for someone to pick up their tv-pilot … and apparently somebody has.

Ryan Willis, with the Trent University Sasquatch Society, joined us!

2. Barrie Colts: Yay or Nay with Gene Pereira

The Barrie Colts weathered the storm again this past weekend. Playing three games in three days, same as the weekend before. And winning two out of three of them, again the same as the weekend before.

Barrie 360s Will Konken plays a little yay or nay on this week’s chat with Colts colour man and reporter Gene Pereira …

3. Cybersecurity in Simcoe County

A couple of municipalities in Simcoe County have had to deal with ransomware demands. Small and medium sized businesses have had to too.

But it may what’s taken place in the 8 or 9 months previous that is a bigger concern. The focus of a partnership between the County of Simcoe and a local firm called White Tuque.

Rob Stewart is the founder, and he tell Barrie 360’s Will Konken about his firm and how it and the county can help keep cyber-attackers at bay …

4. Millennials Dating in The Community

The pandemic took its toll on a lot of things … Dating among them.

Many people trying to back into it through online services, apps, etc.

Colayna Harris-Mailloux is trying to make it easier for Millenials to meet up. She started a Facebook group a week ago. Dozens have already signed up.

Barrie 360’s MJ hasn’t … But is finding out how you can.

5. Finding A Doctor In Barrie

We’ve gone from long line-ups waiting IN a doctor’s office, to long waits just finding a doctor. 

How did we get here

How do you find a doctor to sign on with?

And what do you do in the meantime?

Barrie 360’s Ian MacLennan gets some answers from Dr Stu Murdoch, a Family Doctor at the Family Medicine Teaching Unit in Barrie and Corrine Maxwell a Physician Recruiter with Barrie Area Physician Recruitment …

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