Who Could Resist? OPP Canine Calendar On Sale

Money raised supports disadvantaged youth and OPP Museum

OPP have taken the wraps off their new Canine Calendar.

This is the second year for the calendar, featuring the 27 canine teams across the province

Money raised from sales of the calendars goes to the OPP Youth Foundation and Friends of the OPP Museum.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”It’s important to understand our past in order to have a good sense of what we want for our future. The annual OPP Canine Unit Calendar raises money to support the history of policing in the communities of Ontario, while also supporting the leaders of tomorrow by investing in the development of our youth. We thank all those who purchase our 2019 Canine Calendar, and appreciate your support of Ontario heritage and youth.”
–      OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad BLAIR, Traffic Safety and Operational Support[/perfectpullquote]

Last year’s calendar raised more than $28,000.

Ten dollars gets you one. They’re available at OPP headquarters on Memorial Drive in Orillia and online.

"Bauer at Calendar Launch": OPP canine, Bauer, stands on stage at General Headquarters.

“Bauer at Calendar Launch”: OPP canine, Bauer, stands on stage at General Headquarters.

The OPP Youth Foundation provides funds to disadvantaged youth throughout the province of Ontario, and the Friends of the OPP Museum is a volunteer-based charitable organization that supports, promotes and assists in the preservation of the history of the OPP.

The OPP Canine unit was formed in 1965, at which time only three teams were trained to provide support services to all of the OPP and other law enforcement agencies across the province. There are currently 27 teams, each team consisting of a dog and a handler. There are also an additional 16 dogs trained for specific detection duties.
Each team is stationed at strategic points throughout the province, providing canine support for search and rescue, tracking wanted persons, detecting narcotics, searching for cadavers, as well as firearms, explosives and physical evidence. Canine teams are also involved in community service work, fundraising, and public demonstrations.