Who wants a robot butler?

we're going to name ours Alfred

If you love the convenience of devices like the Roomba buzzing around your floor and cleaning up your messes for you, Samsung has unveiled the next evolution of in-home robotic companions.

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The Consumer Electronics Show this year has given us a glimpse into what the future of tech is going to be like and it looks like after you get home in your flying car, turn on your 8K television, and browse the internet on your rollable smartphone, you will also be greeted at the door by your own personal robot butler.

Two versions of the robot were shown off by Samsung: Bot Care and Bot Handy. Bot Care is a simpler (we use that term loosely) version that uses a voice and screen display to remind you about things like taking a break from your computer or bringing your meetings right to you. Think Amazon Alexa with a face and wheels. Bot Handy takes things a step further with an extendable arm, allowing it to do things like putting away the dishes, picking up clothes, and even pouring you a glass of wine. Both versions use machine learning to better understand their surroundings.

There is no release date yet for Bot Care or Bot Handy but we can’t wait to have our very own robot butler. Frankly, they had us at “pours a glass of wine”.

Featured image courtesy of Business Insider via businessinsider.com