Winter? No Worries.

El Nino expected to have a soothing effect

Remember last winter? The coldest snap ever enveloped Barrie to kick-off 2018; the snow and cold lingering into April.

Farmers Almanacs and some weather services are predicting more of the same this winter, but Environment Canada’s David Phillips thinks otherwise.

He has a feeling the El Nino effect will have a big impact on this winter, noting that five of the last six times El Nino has been a factor in southern and central Ontario we’ve had a warmer than normal winter.

Phillips’ computer models – and crystal ball – suggest this winter won’t be as long (even though we’ve had a lot of snow already), we’ll see less lake-effect snow and perhaps more rain than usual.

He says there will be moments you wished you were somewhere else, someplace sunny and warm, but “it won;t be the scary, bogey-man that a lot of the early models suggested it would be.”

Winter officially arrives at 5:23 pm. It is the shortest day of the year in terms of daylight hours.