World Bee day is May 20th: Become a host to native and wild bees

How to create a Bee & Bee sanctuary in your backyard

You can offer refuge to Honeybees in your own backyard.

May 20th is World Bee Day, and you’re asked to create a B&B ( Bee & Bees ) to host bumble and other wild, native bees.

Friends of the Earth CEO Beatrice Olivastri says more than two-thirds of food crops we eat need native bees, honey bees, and other pollinators to successfully produce a crop. “They are key pollinators for many native plants.”

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Here’s how you can help and create a refuge for the pollinators:

  • Download the handbook Creating Bee & Bees, available at no cost through the Friends of the Earth’s website.
  • Buy or swap plants to get flowering plants with lots of pollen and nectar. Make sure they’re neonic-free.
  • Dedicate a part of your yard for the Bee & Bee – make sure it’s sunny and pesticide free. Leave the mulch off so you don’t smother the bees; allow leaves and last year’s hollow stalks to remain for as long you can – these are favourite places for hibernating native bees

feature image courtesy of wikimedia commons