Would you pay to Tweet? Twitter contemplating ways to monetize its service

If it's free, you're the product.

Since its inception in 2006, users have taken for granted that Twitter (and every other social media platform for that matter) is free to use and the price of admission is advertising. Well, with continuously lacklustre advertising revenue coming from Twitter, they are now thinking about ways to monetize the service that doesn’t rely on third-parties.

There are a few potential ideas being explored, one of which would be charging a subscription for premium features like the use of Tweetdeck, an undo send option, or extra ways to customize your profile. Another possibility being considered would be a “tipping” option that would allow users to send a little extra money to content creators, which Twitter would then presumably get a cut of.

“Increasing revenue durability is our top company objective,” Bruce Falck, Twitter’s head of revenue products, said in a statement, adding, “While we’re excited about this potential, it’s important to note we are still in very early exploration and we do not expect any meaningful revenue attributable to these opportunities in 2021.”

Featured image courtesy of Tech Crunch via techrunch.com