WWII film Greyhound starring Tom Hanks cancels theatrical run in favour of a digital release

Another change of course from a major film

In a not so surprising turn of events, the new WWII drama starring Tom Hanks has canceled its upcoming theatrical run (slated for Father’s Day weekend) in favour of a digital release on Apple TV.

As of now, there have been very few conclusive reasons to start streaming from Apple TV with must-see movies and shows being few and far between. For Apple, now is the time to try and take a big bite out of the streaming pie and this acquisition has been their first big move.

Greyhound follows an inexperienced U.S Navy captain who must lead an Allied convoy while being stalked by Nazi u-boats. The film was adapted by star Tom Hanks from a 1955 novel called The Good Sheppard by C.S Forester.

Apple has yet to set a release date but you can assume they will be announcing one soon.

Featured image courtesy of 9 To 5 Mac via 9to5mac.com