Youth Haven Throwing a Prom For Those Who Missed Out

Hair, Gown, Music, and Food; Everything a Good Prom Needs

Tonight’s the night for dozens of kids at Youth Haven. It’s prom night.

The night comes with all the fixin’s; Youth Haven has arranged for professional makeup artists and hairdressers to help prom goers look their best for the party, while a fully decorated Ferndale Banquet Hall, with food and drinks, awaits.

MJ, a once-and-sometimes resident of Youth Haven now volunteers at the shelter. Her first prom experience with Youth Haven came at last year’s premier event, and says the attendees this year had no choice but to miss out on their actual prom. “Growing up, you see it in movies and those little teen shows and stuff like that, prom is your big night. When you’re a teen, for example, and you’re experiencing homelessness and that kind of lifestyle, that no longer becomes part of your main goals. Your main goal is now surviving.”

MJ is hoping everyone lets their perfectly-styled hair down at the party. “This night is kind of a night for everyone there to just… be a kid. Have fun, and enjoy that night that you might not have gotten, or not have gotten the way you wanted, or was taken from you.”

Loved Again Bridal has donated rental gowns for those who want them; attendees got to have a fitting, while the gowns will be transported to the banquet hall for the big night.

MJ adds the event is open to former residents of Youth Haven too, with about 30 attendees expected to dance the night away.

While the big night is this evening, Youth Haven is still accepting sponsorships; individuals can buy a ticket or a table, while corporate sponsorships are available.