Zoom’s new “Immersive View” makes online meetings slightly more fun

Where do you want to meet? The Moon? The Oval Office? A Caribbean Beach?

If you’re working from home (and there’s a solid chance you are) we can probably guess one of the new constants in your life: Online meetings. If you’re in the Zoom camp, there’s a new update that will help spice up meetings and make them a little bit more fun (however marginally that may be).

Zoom’s new Immersive View lets the host arrange participants into a single virtual background, doing away with the boring box layout we have all come to know. This new feature will allow teachers to make their Zooms look more like a classroom or managers to make it look more like a boardroom. Immersive View allows up to 25 participants to be arranged (by moving and resizing) against various backgrounds, including ones you upload yourself (Dunder Mifflin Conference room anyone?).

We know it isn’t much, but with the number of online meetings we’re all having anything to make them less boring is a welcome addition.

Immersive View is currently available on Windows and MacOS desktop clients and is an included update for free accounts.

Feature image courtesy of Zoom via blog.zoom.us