5 Fine dining restaurants to try for LocalLicious!

Treat yo' self!

With the recent announcement that Barrie residence can get their parking tickets forgiven by supporting a local restaurant, you’re going to need a few ideas on where to eat! Instead of coming home and saying “Honey, I got a parking ticket”, you can come home and say “Honey, I brought us dinner”. Here are the best places to get some fine dining for LocalLicious!

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Beach Club ($30)

You might not have known this, but the spectacular Beach Club restaurant is not exclusive to the residence of Friday Harbour! Good thing too, because it’s absolutely delicious. They have a few different items to choose from but our picks are the gravlax salmon tartare to start, berbere spiced short rib for your entree, and strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Crazy Fox Bistro ($25 and $30)

The kings of casual fine dining, Crazy Fox Bistro has been serving up quality without compromise since 1986 and their LocalLicious menu is as awesome as ever! Once again there are lots of choices (with two different prices) including roasted butternut squash & apple soup, pan-seared Atlantic salmon, and daily house-made desserts!

Michael & Marion’s ($60)

Don’t worry, that $60 price tag is for a dinner for two and there are some delicious options to choose from! Soup, salad, seafood, and more with a special daily cheesecake creation for dessert. If you want to make the night even better, you can add a bottle of wine too, choosing from a selection of 3 whites, 3 reds, and a pink. Check out Michael and Marion’s full LocalLicious menu here.

North Restaurant ($35 and $60)

The North Restaurant‘s LocalLicious menu is a little bit different but boy oh boy, is it a good deal with a special family pasta menu. Choose between a list of different kinds of pasta from classic spaghetti and meatballs to fusilli with spiced Italian sausage in two different sizes: Medium for two people or a large for four. All pasta comes with garlic bread and salad too!

Town & Country Steakhouse ($30)

Whether you’re picking up dinner for yourself or are looking for a dinner for two, Town & Country Steakhouse might be the best deal in town (& country)! Choose between soups and salads for starters, tons of different options for entrees (including their fantastic steak, of course), and crisps and cakes for dessert. Choose between a single dinner or a diner for two with smaller portions for the same price!

Featured image courtesy of Dima Valkov via pexels.com