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Movers & Makers: Community Builders

Building with a Purpose

This Barrie 360 feature is brought to you by Busch Systems

Community Builders is a social enterprise that provides affordable housing, training and employment, and community services to Simcoe County’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations.

A social enterprise is a mission-driven business whether For-Profit OR Not-For-Profit. They use business as a tool for good and typically have a triple bottom line that includes People, Planet and Profit. Profits are reinvested into the mission and the organization’s social programs.

To fund their training and social impact projects, Community Builders provides a variety of different services like custom homes, legal second suites, and renovations of all types. They also love using their creativity and skills to build connections, pathways, and employment opportunities for people.

Community Builders offers a 16 week paid program designed for people with barriers to employment such as those who have experienced the criminal justice system, mental health, housing insecurity, and more. Trainees are taught readiness skills, life skills, and most importantly, real on-the-job construction training in a supportive and supervised environment. Each trainee also works with a personal case manager with will work with them to personalize their individualized employment plan.

One of the Social Impact projects they have helped work on is the amazing Lucy’s Place, right here in Barrie. An innovative motel conversion, Lucy’s Place provides 17 units for those experiencing chronic homelessness and gave Community Builders over 200 hours of on-site training for their trainees.

Movers & Makers: Community Builders

Community Builders is a social enterprise that provides affordable housing, training and employment, and community services to Simcoe County's most vulnerable and at-risk populations.

Posted by Barrie 360 on Thursday, February 10, 2022

There are three ways you can support this amazing initiative. First, and probably most obvious, if you have home improvement projects in the future, hire them! You’ll be getting quality work while supporting the community at the same time. The second way is to donate your time being a guest speaker or teaching trainees something from your own skillset. The final way is by heading over to their online shop and picking up some swag! They have t-shirts, hoodies, and toques!

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For more information about Community Builders, head over to their website.