Artist Ashley Garcia Puts A Modern Spin On Paint Nights

Celebrate Shoe Culture, Connect and Express Yourself

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Sneaker culture has been around since the 1970s. Is was then that brands like Nike and Puma began entering the basketball shoe market. Before then, the industry was monopolized by Converse.

This changed the perception of sneakers from sports equipment to a means of cultural expression. In the 1980s, the culture reached greater heights as hip hop culture exploded.

Today, shoe culture is a combination of consumerism, athletics, art and subculture. All of which has created a community of people with a sincere appreciation for shoes.

Ashley Garcia, the founder of Cultured Creatives, is a member of that community.

Heavily influenced by pop, hip-hop culture and social media, Ashley has always had a passion for art. In fact, she has spent most of her life turning it into a reality and immersing herself in multiple techniques and mediums.

“My paintings are kind of inspired by music [and] the things I am interested in. I have a passion for vibrant paintings; modern art; the culture around me. I play volleyball and basketball, so sports are very important to me. The sneaker culture is really important to me as well,” Ashley shares.

Ashley started her career with companies like Puma and Dilawri, as well as collaborating with local Toronto artists. But in 2018, she decided to go out on her own.

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Her company, Cultured Creatives, curates events that bring together people so that they can connect, collaborate and create. And it does it with modern and relevant themes that address our constantly changing world.

“I started Cultured Creatives to bring diversity and more versatility into art events in Barrie.” Ashley continues, “… I wanted to start off by collaborating with other businesses in Barrie.”

One of these collaborations is with The Vibe, a restaurant that’s all about making their guests feel good with positive vibes and delicious food. The two businesses are partnering to bring an event that celebrates shoe culture and creativity – Kicks & Kreate Paint Night.

Attendees will paint their own shoe onto canvas through a step-by-step lesson provided by Ashley. The Vibe will be supplying the food and there will also be entertainment.

“The thing with the sneaker culture is it’s very welcoming but it’s also very niche at the same time,” Ashley explains. Painters will be able to bring their own style, learn new skills and express there reverence for shoe culture.

Kicks & Kreate Paint Night will take place on Saturday, July 23rd from 8:00 to 11:30.

The event is open to all experience levels and will be a fun opportunity for people to get out and meet other creatives.

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