Local Christmas film climbing Netflix’s top movies list

We love our Christmas movies with a little extra cheese!

If you’re done watching Die Hard and are eager to throw on another Christmas movie, why not check out Snowbound for Christmas, a local Christmas film created by a Barrie/Newmarket based studio that was shot right in our backyard!

Here’s the synopsis:

A few days before Christmas, Rachel, an assistant and in love with her boss Adrian, accompanies him on a trip. A storm blocks them in a five-star hotel where they are the only guests. It’s the perfect opportunity to get closer.

The film was created by Brain Power Studios, a local media content maker with filming facilities in both Barrie and Newmarket. If you decide to check it out, downhill enthusiasts might also notice a familiar sight; the movie was shot at none other than Horseshoe Resort!

The film is trending on Netflix’s most-watched movie lists in both the U.S. and Canada right now, currently occupying the number 4 and 5 spots respectively.

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Snowbound for Christmas isn’t their only local Christmas film either, Brain Power Studio also has several other Christmas Movies to check out, so be sure to head over to their website for some more Christmas movie night ideas!

They’re cheesy, but honestly, the best Christmas movies always are!

Featured image: Harlequin Books via Youtube.com