New Google easter egg lets you cha cha real smooth

Take it back now, y'all

It’s hard to believe we’ve been stomping and crisscrossing our feet to the dance anthem Cha Cha Slide for over 20 years now. You’re hard-pressed to find a wedding, party, or dance floor that doesn’t have everyone up and grooving when DJ Casper’s staple comes on.

For its 20th anniversary of the song’s release, Google has created a fun little easter egg that has your web browser dance along to the song. Just search for “cha cha slide” and hit the little microphone icon. Be sure to turn your sound on for the full effect!

This new easter egg is just another in a long list of searches that give a little suprise to curious individuals. Searching “askew” will tilt the screen, searching “do a barrel roll” will roll the screen, and searching for “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” will yield a calculator with the number 42, a funny nod to the book (and film) Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

What are you’re favourite Google Easter eggs?

Featured image courtesy of Gizmodo via