Our favourite places in Barrie to get a big helping of sushi

Domo arigato

While all-you-can-eat is quite literally off the table, there are many places in Barrie that offer amazing sushi dinners and platters for you to enjoy at home. Whether you’re a Spider Roll, California Roll, or Rainbow Roll person, you’ll be happily grabbing seconds (and thirds) from these amazing sushi restaurants.

Noble Cuisine

We hope you’re hungry because Noble Cuisine has quite a few ways for you to try a little bit of everything. We recommend the Thai Platter which includes spring rolls, calamari, chicken satay, beef satay, shrimp rolls, and fried wontons. Top that off with an extra sushi pizza like the Crab Cake Pizza or the Salmon Pizza and you’ve got one amazing dinner!

Sakana House

If options are what you want, options are what you get at Sakana House. Having a date night? Try the Sushi for Two dinner loaded with rolls, sashimi, miso soup, and salad. If you don’t think that’s enough you could always super-size your sushi dinner and go for the 30 Piece Dragon Roll Combo instead!

Diamond Sushi

With two Diamond Sushi locations in Barrie, delicious and fresh sushi is never far away. Just because you can’t have a party doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order a party platter and Diamond Sushi has a few options for you to choose from with 42, 60, 90, and 120-piece platters. If you have a household with four people, we think you can pull off the 120-piece platter…sorry, are we a bad influence?

Spoon & Fork

If you’re looking to just have a dinner for one (and don’t think you can handle a platter), Spoon & Fork has an awesome menu to mix and match your favourites including appetizers, noodle plates, soups, salads, and of course, sushi. They are even offering a special 10% discount on all orders if you choose to pick it up!

Akira (temporarily close)

The absolute best deal when it comes to sushi in Barrie, Akira has a mind-melting promotion that sees all of its party trays slashed by a whopping 50%. You heard that right, you can get a 38-piece sushi dinner with a variety of rolls (also includes two miso soups) for just under $25. The only catch is you have to pay with cash! Akira suffered a fire in late December and has since had to close down for repairs but be sure to check their Facebook page for updates on when it will open!

Featured image courtesy of Frans Van Heerden via pexels.com