A new “Smell Therapy” wants to help you regain your sense of smell

"You've gone smell blind, son"

If you’re like Dewey Cox and have lost your sense of smell (But maybe you still learn to play the guitar so good), a Canadian company called Sniffly is here with their new smell therapy to help you stop and smell the roses.

One of the side effects that Covid can have on the body is a loss of smell and around 6 out of every 10 people experience this long-term detriment in the form of both Anosmia (complete loss) and Parosmia (partial loss or distorted). For most, their sense of smell returned after a few days, but for an unlucky few, the loss could last weeks or even months after recovery.

If you are one of those unlucky few, Sniffly is swooping in to save the day with Smell Therapy.

Based on research from a 2009 paper that showed patients who received training had better outcomes, the Sniffly program pairs online, video-based therapy with a diary that is used to track progress towards regaining a sense of smell. The company’s site claims that most people recover smell (and taste) within 3 to 9 months of starting their smell training.

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It is important to note that the jury is still very much out on exactly how effecting smell therapy can be (there are no large, long-term studies). That being said, there are really no alternatives for people suffering from smell loss and with Sniffly’s program only costing $24.99 (for full access to all 4 parts), we think it might just be worth a shot.

Featured image: Sniffly via sniffly.com