The holidays haven’t started until we get a John Lewis Christmas advert

I hope you don't mind

Every year, John Lewis & Partners (a department store operating throughout Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia) release a Christmas advert that is always something special and this year is no different.

In years past, John Lewis ads quickly become viral hits with their heartwarming message and high production value. Their 2018 ad saw Elton John starring in it with the tagline “Some gifts are more than just a gift” and you wouldn’t be alone in mistaking it for a movie trailer rather than an advert for a department store.

This year’s ad shifts focus from gifts to giving in general with the idea that giving, even if it’s only a little bit, can make a big difference. The is also unique in that it bounces between live-action and a number of different animation styles, from stop-motion to fully 3-D Disney-like animation.

Do you have any favourite Christmas ads?

Featured image courtesy of Good Housekeeping via