The story of GameStop and r/WallStreetBets is already being turned into a movie

and it's not even over yet

While the situation is still very much ongoing, MGM has bought the film rights to a book proposal called The Antisocial Network, a novelization about the GameStop stock market story that has been developing over the past few weeks.

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If you’re wondering what exactly we’re talking about, here’s the short version: A Reddit group called r/WallStreetBets noticed several hedge funds shorting GameStop stock (which essentially means betting against them and hoping the stock price will fall) and decided to buy stock en masse, driving the price up and causing the hedge funds to lose billions. There is obviously much more to the story including some possible insider trading violations and questionable practices by Robinhood, a stock trading service with a vested interest in said hedge funds, who have been hit with a class-action lawsuit.

While it is still very early, the film already has some big names attached to it including Aaron Ryder and the real-life Winklevoss twins. The writer of The Antisocial Network is also an award-winning writer having penned over 20 novels, one of which has already been turned into a movie (The Social Network).

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