Young Skating Duo To Represent Ontario at Canada Winter Games

The Pair Is Excited & Ready To Compete

Daniel Patriquin of the Orillia Figure Skating Club and Sophia Gover of the Barrie Skating Club have earned themselves an invitation to the Canada Winter Games.

Dan and Sophia placed 1st in the province and 5th in the country at the Skate Canada Challenge in Edmonton.

The young pair took home silver medals in the Ontario Sectional Championship in late 2018 but it was their placement at the Skate Canada Challenge that secured their spot at the Canada Winter Games.

The duo has had an exciting and successful season thus far and are looking forward to representing their club, coaches and province in Red Deer Alberta for the National event in February.

Dan and Sophia have been skating together for 4 years.

Dan and Sophia have both been skating individually for 8 years but skating together as an ice dance team for 4 years. The two were paired by their coaches based on age, ability and physical size with the hopes that they would grow together in all areas.

Sophia and Dan both agree that they work well as a team because they share the same goals to give their best every time they skate.

Sophia began skating at just 5 years old and Dan at 9 years old.

Although Dan started skating a bit later than most kids at 9 years of age, he worked hard to catch up and stay competitive. He says that what he loves most about skating is feeling of being free and the way the music moves him.

Sophia says that one of the most rewarding aspects of skating for her is to see how her and Dan progress as a team.

The Canada Winter Games will take place February 15th to March 3rd 2019.

After competing in the 2018 Canada Winter Games, Dan and Sophia are looking forward to returning to the competition for another year.

Sophia sees this opportunity as a chance for new friends, new experiences and new personal bests. She is looking forward to the growth that an experience like this can bring both personally and professionally. Dan says, “I am excited and I think it will be a really fun experience”.

Best of luck to both skaters in this exciting time!