Local Artists Are Determined To Overcome The Roxodus Aftermath

Frustrated and disappointed, but ultimately undeterred

With obvious (and well deserved) comparisons being drawn between Roxodus and Fyre Festival, and some even going as far as to call it Fyre Festival 2.0, there are thousands of people being affected by this disastrous turn of events. From vendors to ticket holders, people are feeling cheated, not only out of money and time but out of what they hoped to be a highlight of their 2019 summer.

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For large acts like Kid Rock, Nickleback, and Aerosmith, especially with money already in the bank, the cancellation of Roxodus means one less show in a huge list of shows. However, for smaller artists like The Noolands and Madison Mueller, the cancellation has left a lasting disappointment. Madison Mueller voiced her frustration saying “The official statement this morning left me extremely sad and frustrated, as I’ve been putting my all into this show – including spending money for merchandise. Made for a very sad day at work, that’s for sure“. The Noolands mirrored this frustration saying “It breaks the trust of fans and takes a real toll on smaller artists who aren’t prepared to deal with this kind of fallout, emotionally and financially.”

Thankfully, it seems that Madison Mueller and The Noolands are bouncing back. The Noolands said, “We can’t let events like this drive a wedge between the music makers and the music lovers“. With Madison Mueller playing the Barrie Craft Beer and BBQ Festival and The Noolands delivering two shows in Barrie at The Foxx Lounge on July 6th and The Troubador Festival later this summer, you still have a chance to support these fantastic local artists. You can also get a taste of The Noolands by checking out their new single “Grenadine“.

We will be dealing with the fallout of this collapse for a long time, but at least a silver lining can be drawn from the resilience and perseverance of some local artists to push through the noise and continue to create music. It may not be a lot, but it’s certainly something.