2nd Shot Handcrafts Watches From Recycled Skateboards

It began with a love of skateboarding

This local creator has a pretty unique business model taking old skateboards and turning them into watches, custom knives, artwork and pretty much any other custom job you could dream of.

2nd Shot was created by John Gibson, a skateboarder since age 10

The company began when John Gibson took his love for skateboarding and culture and started making wrist watches. “I would just buy the cheapest watches I could and keep making them and then I would just give them away. Gibson went through “the dip” – which is that long arduous process between getting good at something and then being able to accrued the benefits of what that something has to offer.

Recycled Skateboard Watches

This local shop makes handcrafted watches from used, broken and old skateboards. Second Shot

Posted by Barrie 360 on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

“Skateboarding has that big dip, it takes a long time to be able to enjoy the benefits that skateboarding has to offer and I think anyone who has done it and been able to enjoy it holds that time they’ve spent dear to them and it’s something that resonates with them and that’s why the watches I make have such validity.

Gibson has been sent skate decks from all over the world. “I was sent a board from Australia, which is pretty cool. These people with hours on a skateboard love turning that memory into something really cool.”

Who did you start your business?

Gibson says it all happened organically in his shop at home. I went to school for Auto Body Repair so I had a home shop. He then started selling on Etsy and remembers the first real sale he made. “It took me awhile to have the confidence to charge what I felt they were worth, I remember my first big sale.”

Skateboards are typically made from seven layers. “It’s a cross laminated maple ply – Canadian maple. We collect them from local skaters, skate parks and skate shops, but it’s an unique business model because it’s not like I’m going to Home Depot to buy my material.” Relying on used and broken skate decks has it challenges and Gibson says they are constantly looking for more.

John Gibson of 2nd Shot skateboards
John Gibson of 2nd Shot skateboards

How do you make old skateboards into such awesome pieces?

Gibson says the first step is removing the grip tape. “Once the grip tape is removed the recycled skateboards are ready to be cut, sanded and given a 2nd shot.” Gibson then takes pieces from different skateboards and compresses them together. “You get a one-of-a-kind colourful piece of wood, which can be made into just about anything you can imagine, from bird sculptures to sunglasses and watches. Every board deserves a 2nd Shot!”