In Vino Veritas: Celebrate National Wine Day On May 25th

Wake up and smell the bouquet

While most of us have been celebrating since May 26th of last year, National Wine Day gives us a completely superfluous reason to drink more wine! Here are some perfect pairings for you to enjoy.

Shirley’s: Pinot Noir and Salmon

Pinot Noir is a very robust wine that pairs well with quite a few different foods, however choosing a more fruit forward option and pairing it with the Atlantic Salmon from Shirley’s will have your taste buds absolutely swimming with excitement!

The Crazy Fox: Carmenere And Steak

With its sharp and spicy flavours, Carmenere pairs well with food that will match its powerful tastes. Look for something smoked and spicy, or pair it perfectly with a filet mignon or rib eye steak from the Crazy Fox Bistro!

147: Merlot and Pasta

Another wine that sits right in the middle of the spectrum, Merlot pairs well with many foods but is right at home next to any pasta or meat dish made with tomato sauce. Grab a seat at 147 and share a plate of Polpette or an order Pasta al Pomodoro for yourself!

Barnstormer: White Bordeaux and Mussels

Exploding with refreshing flavours, white Bordeaux wines are full of citrus flavours that complement seafood dishes perfectly. While most people traditionally think of red when you say Bordeaux, enjoying a glass of white Bordeaux with an order of mussels from Barnstormer will quickly change your mind!

The Speakcheasy: Chardonnay and Cheese

Chardonnay is a fantastic choice when you want to enjoy a well put together cheese platter. Try a goat cheese platter from The Speakcheasy and see how the citrus flavours of a good chardonnay will bring out the creaminess of the cheese.

Chillz: Riesling and Dessert

Rieslings can sometimes be very sweet but when pairing with a dessert you want to make sure the sweetness in the wine isn’t competing with the food. A nice medium-dry Riesling will ensure the cheesecake sampler from Chillz taste the best that it can!

Now your equipped to experience some of the best wine and food pairing in Barrie, however the most important thing to remember when pairing wine with food: your taste is all that matters! Drink the wines you like with the foods you want. It’s really that simple!